Former NBA Player Chris Herren Is Bringing Hope for Drug Addiction

A Story of Drug Addiction…

Chris Herren thought his dreams came true when he made it to the NBA. A second round draft pick by the Denver Nuggets, Herren was traded to the Boston Celtics, back to his hometown. Herren’s experiences in Massachusetts had been rocky, beginning with his days as a top high school basketball player and then Boston College recruit. Through it all, Herren had a drug abuse problem that began in high school. This problem would follow Herren throughout his whole career and afterwards, until he eventually found recovery in a rehabilitation center. Now Herren faces the problem head on by bringing his message of strength and hope to students across the country.

The Herren Project

The former NBA player started up The Herren Project in order to spread awareness about the effects of addiction both for drug abusers and family members. Herren tours the country, giving talks about his personal experiences with drug abuse and alcohol.

A Troubled Past

Though his struggles began in high school, they took a firmer hold on him while playing for Boston College. Herren had to leave the team and the school after failing multiple drug tests. Although Herren pushed on, his addiction worsened. His cocaine addiction at Boston College eventually developed into heroin abuse. Due to multiple athletic injuries, Herren began to rely on opiate painkillers. Herren’s problems with cocaine, heroin, opiates and even crystal meth all led to a nearly fatal car accident where he was legally dead until revived by paramedics. Yet Herren still could not shake his addiction. He tried suicide, overdosed multiple times and wound up on the streets.

But then Herren got into an intensive care rehabilitation treatment center. After one more relapse, Herren finally found sobriety in 2008. Since then, Herren has been trying to help others regain their lives too. In addition to the Herren Project, the basketball player has launched Hoop Dreams with Chris Herren, a company for helping players both with their physical skills and off-field struggles. Herren is also author of Basketball Junkie, which documents his career experiences and can be seen in the ESPN film, Unguarded.

A Grateful Survivor

Herren’s disease with drug abuse nearly cost him his life on several occasions. It also had a serious impact on his career and family life. But now after achieving sobriety through rehabilitation, Herren is grateful for his life and the message he can bring to others. Herren hopes to spread awareness to younger audiences while they are still in high school, an age where addiction can truly take hold and alter the course of a person’s life.

Chris Herren’s story of recovery shows the perils that drug abusers face and the opportunity to get better. His inspiring message is just one of many from the people working hard at their recovery. If you are looking for help for yourself or a loved one, please contact Boca House today for information on drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs that might be right for you.

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