Why Finding a Job in Recovery is Important

If you are planning on staying in a sober living home after completing substance abuse treatment, then you will most likely be required to find and maintain a job.


Since most recovering addicts have not been consistently responsible for quite a number of years, having a steady job will force them to maintain a steady level of responsibility. It will provide the necessary foundation for creating a structured life and upholding their sobriety.


The worst thing that a recovering addict can do after completing substance abuse treatment, is to re-enter society without a clear plan and focused direction. Finding and maintaining a job will provide much needed direction for any recovering addict. It will also force them to stick to the plan that they made for themselves while in treatment.


Something as simple as having to get up at a certain time and not be late to a job every day, may not seem like a big deal to those who have not had to battle an addiction, but for those who have, it is not something to take for granted. Holding a job creates much-needed stability in a recovering addict’s life, and provides a sense of self-worth that cannot be taken away from them.

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