Eliminating High-Risk Situations From Your Life

When you are recovering from addiction, it becomes important to avoid high-risk situations. These are situations that can cause you lapse back into destructive habits such as alcohol or drug use. It can be difficult to divert yourself from a high-risk situation, but being able to succeed in this task can make your recovery far easier to manage.

What are Some High-Risk Situations?

High-risk situations can manifest in several ways, but for people trying to overcome addiction, there are three general scenarios that often occur:

• Being surrounded by people that use drugs or alcohol
• Going to a place where drugs or alcohol can be obtained
• Interacting with items that are reminders of addiction habits

Any one of these situations is highly possible, but there are ways that you can prevent them from taking place.

How Do You Prevent High-Risk Situations?

The best way to lower the chances of these events occurring is through avoidance and elimination. Avoid drinking with friends, interacting with people that use drugs, or going to a bar. Keep alcohol and drugs out of your home, and develop healthier habits. Addiction can be extremely sneaky, and it can be hard to identify a high-risk situation. Therefore when you are going through recovery, it would be beneficial to make a list of the scenarios you want to avoid. This will help you to stay on track and prevent you from relapsing into addiction.

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