Did You Just Take a Drug Test without Even Realizing it?

Numerous amounts of New Yorkers just participated in a drug test without even realizing it. The results of the secretive study proved surprising – those from Albany tested positive for at least four times as much cocaine and six times as much amphetamine usage, as compared to other communities.

The study was done by using samples from two communities in New York, in order to test just exactly how much cocaine and methamphetamine usage was going on throughout The Empire State. By doing this, the question of just how much drug usage actually goes on, was answered – and the number was much higher than initially anticipated.

By taking a mass sampling of an entire community and testing for a specific type of drug usage, cities are more easily able to make decisions regarding whether or not to build a methadone clinic or to expand anti-drug campaigns throughout schools. This not only helps point out what area to focus on, but also on what tactics to prevent drug use are actually working, and which ones are not.

Moreover, while the community drug test aids in painting an accurate picture of drug use across the country, it also helps narrow down the paths that illegal drug traffickers take. In a 2011 analysis of most used routes to trafficked drugs, it was revealed that New York was once of the most populous cocaine routes in the nation.

According to sewage scientist Roberto Fanelli, “one can use this methodology to determine the kilograms of cocaine or other drugs, which are used every day in a certain place or city, and easily calculate how much illegal money is entering the economy.”

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