Drug Addiction Now Leading Cause of Child Removal


Boca House, a sober community for men in Florida reports the numbers of children being removed from homes in Duval County, Florida can be blamed on the country’s opioid epidemic. According to child care and family support officials in Florida, drug addiction is now the leading cause for child removal from homes in Duval County. Previously, an estimated 40% of cases were credited to drug addicted parents. Now, numbers are up to 70%.

State and local officials in Ohio and Missouri agree that drug addiction is the root cause of their increase in family service cases as well. They noted a combination of substance abuse, mental health issues, and domestic violence are present in up to 70% of their cases. Similar numbers are being reported in Georgia, Massachusetts, and California. This spike in drug addicted parents is prompting a crisis across state child care agencies, that are seeing a major influx of foster children.

Children of drug addicted parents experience maltreatment, neglect, as well as emotional and physical trauma that can lead to lifelong development issues. Child care officials understand removing a child from their parent is the most devastating and traumatic event in a child’s life, but agree that the child’s safety is of the most immediate importance.

Boca House is a sober community for men in South Florida, where recovering addicts can go to find quality living environments for rebuilding self-esteem, health, wellbeing, careers, and parenting skills. If you are a parent struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, or you are concerned for a parent with an addiction, contact the treatment professionals at Boca House for help.


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