How Many Drinks Put You at Risk for Liver Cancer?

Did you know that by consuming three or more alcoholic drinks a day you could be unknowingly causing liver cancer?

The World Cancer Research Fund recently released a study that included 8.2 million people, 24,500 of whom had liver cancer. Based on the research done, it was confirmed that three drinks a day or more can cause the disease.

According to Amanda Mclean, director of the charity’s UK branch, “until now we were uncertain about the amount of alcohol likely to lead to liver cancer, but the research reviewed in this report is strong enough, for the first time, to be more specific about this.”

Because of the magnitude of these findings, the Alcohol Health Alliance has started to make moves in order to minimize the risks involving drinking excessively and the potential complications that could result.

The alliance’s chair, Professor Ian Gilmore, stated that, “alcohol, like tobacco and asbestos, is a class 1 carcinogen and it is totally unacceptable that the public is not provided with such basic information. This report shows that there is no safe level of drinking when it comes to cancer prevention.”

The gravity of this discovery comes at a time where drinking continues to become more and more of a problem – about one in 100 men and one in 200 women have liver cancer at some point in their lives. As a way to combat the potential for getting liver cancer, the World Cancer Research Fund recommends that men consume no more than two drinks a day, while women should keep it to one drink a day at most.

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