Dr. Drew Comments on Prince’s Opioid Addiction

Recently, Dr. Drew spoke out about the nation’s growing opioid addiction problem and need for Boca Raton sober living homes, citing Prince’s recent death as a prime example of the dangers of prescription pill abuse.

Dr. Drew reveals why he is more than qualified to speak out about this issue by sharing that, “I spent 25 years working in a psychiatric hospital, two decades working in addiction medicine – I ran a treatment center – and probably 15 years ago, I was telling my staff that there’s a tsunami coming.”

During his press conference, he addressed why there are more people than ever currently receiving opioid addiction treatment at Boca Raton sober living homes. According to Dr. Drew, “We are 5% of the world’s population here in the United States and we consume 80% of the world’s pain medication.” Afterwards, he went on to ask the audience, “Do you think there’s a problem? It’s completely out of control.”

Regarding Prince’s recent death from opioid addiction, Dr. Drew shares that he was just another victim of this “now commonplace condition, which is opiate pain medication dependency.” He further laments that the pop star would not have had toxic levels of fentanyl in his blood if he had been prescribed the traditional dose of the drug.

While a Boca Raton sober living home certainly could have helped Prince overcome his opioid addiction, his death will have to serve as a prime example of the consequences the growing opioid epidemic has throughout the nation.

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