Demi Lovato Gets Help for Body Issues and Drug Abuse

Starting Drug Abuse

Demi Lovato has faced many personal demons that made drug abuse and an eating disorder easy to maintain. The actress and singer faced concerns about her body image, which is a common problem among young celebrities.

Demi LovatoWhile the actress freely admitted to her problems with her body image and bulimia, her initial interviews after getting into a rehabilitation program showed that she also struggled with drug abuse. The actress began using cocaine after her singing career began and found that the drugs were easily accessible.

Facing the challenges of depression, peer pressure and loneliness, the young actress began experimenting with drugs and alcohol. She has admitted on interviews that the loneliness after completing a concert made the high of drug abuse more tempting.


Demi Lovato is not only struggling with her body image and drug abuse, but also the additional complication of a dual-diagnosis. The extreme depression that made cocaine abuse tempting was ultimately an attempt to self-medicate for her mental health challenges.

Learning about the dual-diagnosis made it possible for Demi Lovato to begin healing during her time in rehabilitation. She was given appropriate treatment to balance her mental state and was able to start changing her personal view of beauty. With the help of professionals and the support of loved ones, the actress and singer has been able to give up cocaine and alcohol since her time in rehabilitation.

Becoming a Role Model

Although the young actress has struggled with cutting, bulimia and drug abuse, she has become a positive role model for young girls around the world. After an intervention that led to seeking help from professionals in rehabilitation, the young actress has admitted to the problems she faced and has become an inspiration to her fans.

The young celebrity has given up drugs and is beginning to live a healthier lifestyle. Her efforts to change her destructive behavior and love herself for the natural body she was born encourages her fans to follow her lead. She is taking strides toward better health and avoiding the destructive behavior that led to time in rehabilitation. Although she has admitted that she is sometimes tempted to engage in self-destructive behavior, she has improved her outlook about her body and is taking proper steps to manage her mental health.

Demi Lovato has struggled against drugs, alcohol, cutting and bulimia to become a positive role model to young girls. Her focus on living a healthier lifestyle and loving herself has set her apart and show that it is possible to beat addiction with help and support.

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