How to Date Sober

Dating in your twenties is hard enough, especially without liquid courage. For those who have stayed at a Florida sober house, then you know that the struggle is very real when it comes to navigating the dating world sober.

While it may be intimidating, sober dating opens the door to making a genuine connection with someone – without having alcohol to hide behind. Maximize on your time spent at a sober living house and use your sobriety to your advantage with these tips on how to date sober.

No more finding dates at the bar. Since relying on the bar to meet people is out of the question, get more creative when it comes to meeting potential dates. If you have always wanted to try a specific sport, then now is the time. Who knows, while you are there you might meet someone who wants to make the same healthy lifestyle choices as you do.

No more going on dates at the bar. Why would you want to keep doing the same old date idea when there are so many other places to check out? Make a list of fun ideas for your next date; it can be anything from checking out the new exhibit at an art museum, spending a day fishing or hitting up the new trampoline park for the day.

No more settling. Now that you have been working on overcoming your substance abuse addiction at a sober living house in Boca Raton, your sobriety is the most important priority. If your date is not willing to curb their own alcohol intake around you or take your sobriety seriously, then it is time to move on.

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