The Dangers of Smoking Marijuana and Driving

People are well aware of the many dangers and consequences of drinking and driving. Car accidents, jail time, court fees, death, bodily harm, expensive tickets, and a suspended driver’s license. So what about smoking marijuana and getting behind the wheel?

In states where marijuana is already legal, the local governments are working on setting the appropriate laws on driving under the influence of marijuana. In other states where marijuana is not legal, it is still considered a crime and can be classified as driving under the influence, resulting in serious consequences.

Although the effects of driving under the influence of marijuana have not been heavily researched, scientists agree that anyone who drives within three hours of smoking marijuana, doubles their chances of being involved in a fatal or near-fatal accident.

Smoking marijuana can cause hallucinations, slow down motor and cognition skills, and make you feel as though you are in a sedation-like state. Therefore, it is never safe to drive after smoking marijuana.

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