Cris Carter Returned to Football After His Drug Addiction

Cris CarterCris Carter is a big name in the athletics industry for his performance on the football field. Although he became the Man of the Year in 1999, the star athlete faced challenges with addiction that threatened his early career and almost ended his dreams as a professional football player. Although it was challenging for Carter, he was ultimately able to come back from his addiction and become a well-known athlete.

The Addiction

Cris Carter’s addiction to drugs and alcohol started when he was young. Before he entered the National Football League, an addiction to cocaine and alcohol was already a problem that was beginning to develop. He was abusing drugs and alcohol when he joined the Philadelphia Eagles in 1987.

Although he was already making progress in his athletic career, Cris Carter was also facing a downward spiral into an addiction. He was given chances by the team to give up the drugs, but ultimately failed three drug tests during his time on the team. After the third failure, Cris Carter was cut from the Eagles.

Overcoming the Addiction

Being cut from the team provided a big impact in Cris Carter’s life. He has admitted that the help he received during his time playing with the Eagles and the emotions from being cut allowed him to face off against his addiction. The Eagles gave him a chance to straighten up his life and went out of their way to help him fact the problem. After getting help from his team and joining the Vikings, Cris Carter gave up cocaine and alcohol.

Overcoming his addiction started with the emotional disappointments and the success of returning to the NFL as a player for the Vikings. He pushed himself in athletics to obtain better results and ultimately was able to give up the addiction completely. That ability to fight past addiction took determination, tough decisions and a little help, but ultimately led Cris Carter to a successful life.

Life After Drugs

After giving up drugs, Cris Carter returned to the football field and became the Man of the Year by 1999. Although he has retired from the game, he has not returned to addiction after giving up the drugs. He has turned his skills to other fields and is an ordained minister as well as an analyst for HBO. He has overcome the challenges of drugs and alcohol to become a successful sports figure and an inspiring individual. He speaks about his challenges with drugs and has taken steps to help others by telling his story.

Although it was hard to give up drugs and alcohol, Cris Carter turned that challenge into a successful career. He was given a chance and decided to take that chance and make something of his life. Although he did face some major disappointments throughout his early career, he has recognized that the help of the team and the dedication to the sport allowed him to give up the drugs for a better life.

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