Common Struggles Recovering Addicts Face

One of the hardest things for addicts in recovery is the process they must take to build a brand new, meaningful, and drug-free life. With stress being one of the most common triggers for relapse, effective coping skills are taught every day in rehab. It is essential to learn to find new ways to cope, because hiding and using alcohol or other drugs is not an option anymore. Another common struggle for addicts is letting go of the old people they used to use drugs with and building new healthy relationships with others who are in recovery.

Finding new hobbies to occupy your time is a very important part of recovery. Perhaps you would like to take on a new sport, adopt an animal, exercise, and get involved in your community. Anything to occupy your time in a healthy and positive way should be incorporated into your daily routine.

Another struggle is learning how to express our feelings in a positive way and talk openly about urges and cravings. It is important to know when and who to ask for help from. Pick up the phone and call your sponsor or call a friend in recovery when you experience an urge or are stressed out. By the time you hang up the phone, the urge to use drugs and the stress will be minimal and you can move forward with your day.

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