Common Misconceptions about Youth and Sobriety

Sure, it is perfectly normal to go out with friends on the weekends and enjoy your youth, but doing too much may be a sign of a developing problem. Unfortunately, this behavior is usually written off by society as a perfectly normal and healthy behavior.

While some may be able to go out and have fun, others may take the fun too far and find themselves getting out of control. However, instead of getting the help needed from a Boca Raton drug rehab, they are able to justify the unhealthy behavior because of the following common misconceptions about youth and sobriety.

“I have never gotten a DUI.”

Just because you have not gotten a DUI does not mean that you are not in the express lane to get one. Especially if you are 21 years old or younger, you may have a substance abuse problem, but have not picked up the habit long enough to get in trouble. However, continuance will make it inevitable.

“I’m not even 21 years old.”

If you are below the legal drinking limit that does not mean that you cannot find yourself on the recovery journey. Plenty of people that have not even turned 21 years old have already developed an alcohol abuse problem and are in need of a Florida sober house.

“Life will be boring if I get sober.”

In recent years, there has been a growing community of young people who have chosen sobriety. In most major cities, there are organizations that are solely dedicated to showing how young, sober people can still have fun. There are still tons of ways to have fun while sober, whether it be going surfing, learning a new sport, going to a football game, planning a movie night, or taking trips to theme parks.

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