Common Addiction Myths That Need to Go Away for Good

For most people, making the decision to get help from a Boca Raton drug rehab is not an easy one. While the current stigma surrounding those who abuse drugs is currently getting better, there are still some old hang ups that recovering addicts could do without.

Those currently in a sober living house in Boca Raton would most likely agree that the following are common addiction myths that need to go away for good.

Addiction is a choice. Anyone who is battling a substance abuse problem will be the first one to tell you that they did not wake up one day and decide, “Hey, I think today is the day that I want to become a drug addict!” Drug addiction is in fact not a choice, but instead is a condition worthy of an explanation that is much more complex than that. Each person has their own unique underlying factors for what got them into a Florida sober house in the first place, so the time to start writing addiction off as a choice is right now.

Legal drugs are different. Some people still believe that legal drugs are much different than street drugs. This could not be more wrong; in fact the number one killer of drug users in the nation currently is prescription opioids. The notion that legal drugs are different than street drugs are what lead people down the path to addiction in the first place.

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