Best Comic Books About Addiction

Looking for ways to branch out when it comes to staying sober? Then welcome to the world of comic books about addiction; this light-hearted approach to recovery will help you laugh when you need it most during your stay at your Boca Raton sober living home.

While it may seem like some heroes are immune to the challenges of life, you will be relieved to know that everyone has their own inner demons. Realize that you are not alone with this list of the best comic books about addiction.

Batman. After failing to save the life of a little girl, Batman seemingly goes off the deep-end. Once this happens, he is introduced to “venom,” a steroid that makes him aggressive and prone to fits of rage. Out of all the comic books about addiction, this journey to recovery is one of the most relatable for those staying at a Boca Raton sober living home.

Captain America. In one part, Captain America is taking a walk down a street when a meth lab explodes, causing the Captain to go insane. In one of the most popular storylines from the 1990 “Streets of Poison,” you can see where the foundation for America’s War on Drugs campaign came from.

Iron Man. In a story famously titled the “Demon in a Bottle,” Iron Man falls deep into the depths of alcoholism and an extended period of binge-drinking. He eventually pulls himself out of the depths of despair, making this one of the best comic books about addiction for those staying at a Boca Raton sober living home.

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