Celebrating Freedom from Addiction

An addict in recovery knows how hard and challenging breaking the chains of addiction can be. Although the chains are strong, the human body and mind are even stronger. Due to an ever increasing market of addiction professionals and help in recovery, sobriety is now more attainable than ever.

Choosing the best detox center and rehab center for your addiction is crucial for a successful recovery. Treatment Alternatives, Detox Boca, Boca House for Men, and Awakenings for Women are a chain of sister facilities that have over 30 years of experience in the field of addiction. Our facilities all have one goal in mind: helping addicts get their lives back. Getting treatment at any of our sister facilities has been effectively proven to lower the risk of relapse in recovering addicts.

At Treatment Alternatives, we believe in unconditional emotional support for as long as the client needs. We offer fully functioning treatment centers that have saved numerous people from various addictions over the past 30 years. Call us at 877-957-8187 to schedule a tour of our facilities and speak to our highly trained staff of addiction professionals, and see if Treatment Alternatives is right for you.

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