Celebrating Cinco de Mayo without Alcohol vs. with Alcohol

When the beginning of May rolls around this year, you will definitely notice stark differences between celebrating Cinco de Mayo without alcohol vs. with alcohol.

In fact, you will quickly realize that you are not missing out on much by forgoing all of the tequila and the inevitable hangover on Seis de Mayo. Don’t believe us? Then simply check out this list from your Florida sober house of the reasons why celebrating Cinco de Mayo without alcohol will make you wish you had sobered up a long time ago.

You won’t have to stock up on Tylenol.

– Cinco de Mayo with Alcohol: No one likes the taste of a straight tequila shot. Alas, year after year, party goers (including yourself pre-sobriety) have insisted on sealing their hangover fate for the next day.

– Cinco de Mayo without Alcohol: Waking up feeling hydrated, not having to reach for the bottle of Tylenol, and with a complete recollection of what happened the night before is great, isn’t it? You can thank Boca House later.

You won’t have to delete photos of strangers in sombreros.

– Cinco de Mayo with Alcohol: We’re willing to bet that Cinco de Mayo’s past were filled with blurry memories of partying with 80% strangers and 20% party acquaintances that you never heard from again.

– Cinco de Mayo without Alcohol: Now that you are staying at a Florida sober house, the phrase, “You are the company you keep” has never been truer. Fiesta this year will other sober friends who have your best interests at heart and simply enjoy spending quality time with you.

You won’t have to google “tattoo removal near me.”

– Cinco de Mayo with Alcohol. Taking pictures with every person rocking a poncho, commandeering stranger’s sombreros, and getting a mustache tattooed on your finger all seem like the best idea you have ever had.

– Cinco de Mayo without Alcohol. The biggest stress of your evening will be not having enough avocados to make guacamole for your friends from your Florida sober house.

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