Career Development Following Addiction Recovery

Men suffering from years of alcohol or drug addiction may have trouble re-entering society following their addiction recovery. However, men living here at Boca House can receive the help they need by working with our career development programs and expert consultants. These professionals will help them find work and a place of residence following the completion of their recovery program.

Education Equals Success

One of the greatest factors of a successful re-entry into the workforce is an education and degree. Even if a man undergoing recovery for an addiction did not receive his high school diploma, we will work with him to assess his skill level and help him earn his diploma. This first step is an important part in getting a man ready for the workforce and helping him find a job that he can be successful in.

Brush up That Resume

Another significant factor in landing a job after completion of a recovery program is the creation of a professional resume. Our programs employ career consultants to help residents create resumes that reflect their skills and background. If a resident lacks a background in employment, our consultants can help them find opportunities to volunteer or attend classes to learn needed skills for future occupations.

While attending classes or a job on a daily basis may seem simple, these daily tasks can be challenging for men returning to life after recovery. Therefore, it is imperative that men receive help every step of the way to help them regain structure, balance and independence in their lives.

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