Break Up with Your Bad Habits This Valentine’s Day

The new year is still fresh, and Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Valentine’s Day is full of make-ups, break-ups, and relationship exploration – old and new. While most people are focusing on their relationships with significant others, those in recovery have a more important relationship to focus on: the relationship with themselves. At Boca House, the sober living facility for men, we suggest you break up with your bad habits this Valentine’s Day, and as far as bad habits go, drugs and alcohol are the worst.

There are simple ways to work on breaking bad habits, and our sober living facility for men has a few suggestions to make it easier for you:

Change your environment. The best way to break a bad habit is to change the environment that makes the habit desirable. This can be avoiding bars, liquor stores, or areas in which you are likely to give in. The same principle can be applied to people in your life that encourage negative behavior.

Stop focusing on what you are not going to do. A common method for breaking a bad habit is thinking about not doing that activity. The sober living facility for men says the brain’s habit learning system does not learn something by not doing it. Instead, try thinking about things you are going to do. This will help you break up with your bad habits.

Be realistic. Positive thinking is helpful when trying to break old habits, but it is important that you engage in the process and acknowledge obstacles. Set realistic goals for yourself, which will make the process easier.

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