Keep Your Body Moving During Addiction Recovery

One of the most beneficial components of any man’s recovery from alcohol or drug addiction is exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Men who have placed their bodies under years of substance abuse, poor sleeping, unhealthy eating habits, and sedentary lifestyles will find that participating in exercise and active lifestyles will lead to quicker and healthier recoveries.

Get Happy

When a person exercises, their body releases high amounts of endorphins. These chemicals create feelings of happiness and pleasure in the body. These feelings are similar to what a person experiences during drug and alcohol use. However, exercise is not harmful to the body and aides in the addiction recovery process. Exercise also increases self-esteem and the belief in one’s self, decreases depression, and lessens the urge to partake in drug and alcohol use. Men who participate in group exercise programs build strong relationships and bonds with others who understand their struggles. These relationships are key in keeping recovering addicts on track and in shape.

Types of Exercise

Here at Boca House, we offer the following exercise regimens:

·    Running

·    Weight training

·    Yoga

·    Swimming

·    Team sports such as softball, basketball and football. 

·    Dance

·    Aerobics classes

While staying in good physical shape, eating healthy, and getting plenty of sleep are just a few pieces of a recovery program, they are essential in keeping men on the path towards sober lives and fresh starts.

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