Are Bath Salts More Addictive Then Meth?

Since the popularity of bath salts has grown, scientists were curious as to why people continued to use them even after they have been proven to cause harmful, permanent side effects such as psychosis and death. Many users believe that because bath salts are a “legal high” sold in stores and are marked “not for human consumption” that they are safe. In contrast to users and what the labels say, bath salts are proving to be more dangerous than any other drug on the market. Scientists are able to prove that these psychostimulant drugs are even more addictive than methamphetamine!

To cut down on the production and consumption of bath salts has become more difficult since manufacturers are constantly experimenting and changing ingredients to stay ahead of the law. Because they are labeling them “not for human consumption” that also removes them from any legal responsibility for the many violent episodes, deaths, and suicides that have been associated with these drugs.

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