Avoid Relapse by Managing Your Anger

People start abusing drugs and alcohol for various reasons; a main one being to mask painful emotions. Once you have received proper treatment, the next step is recovery, which is a lifelong commitment. Fortunately, sobriety provides the opportunity for people to address their true feelings. After spending so much time using drugs and alcohol to alter or suppress your emotions, having to truly experience and confront your feelings could feel difficult at first.

Boca House, a sober living facility for men, knows that avoiding things like anger, fear, anxiety, or stress can potentially lead to relapse. Of all emotions, anger is a highly destructive and can trigger relapse at any time. It is important to know how to address and deal with your emotions in a sober state of mind. We have a few ways in which you can manage your anger to help avoid relapse.

Stop Living in the Past

It is critical to let go of anger and resentment and work on moving forward into a healthier way of thinking. As a former addict, living in the past can bring up harsh memories or suppressed feelings that could tempt you to return to old habits. Our sober living facility for men offers therapy which will help you avoid relapse and begin to move forward.

Work on Practicing Forgiveness in Yourself and in Others

Forgiveness may seem like a scary concept for recovering addicts and alcoholics, but it is a major key to eliminating anger, which will help you avoid relapse. Forgiving does not necessarily mean forgetting, but it assists you in letting go of emotional resentment toward yourself and others.

The licensed professionals at our sober living facility for men will help you develop life skills for positively recognizing and coping with emotions so you can avoid relapse at all costs.

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