Alcohol Blocks Your Progress in the Gym

The never-ending pursuit for the perfect body has become an obsession for many men and women today.  While you may be putting in five days a week of hard work at the gym, those five nights a week of drinking are canceling out your development. Not only is alcohol undoing the hard work you have put into the gym, it’s stopping you from making any further progress in your fitness endeavor. Boca House, a sober living home for men, shares findings with you regarding alcohol and bodybuilding.


Simply stated: Alcohol and bodybuilding do not mix.

Research reveals that alcohol can interfere with your muscle growth, as well as slow your post-exercise recovery process. Boca House sees this time and time again with patients in a sober living home for men in Boca Raton who are trying to work out while battling alcohol addiction – they cant get in shape. Alcohol in your body can affect the following processes essential to bodybuilding:


Energy – Alcohol blocks important substances from being metabolized in your body, like carbohydrates, which provide us with energy. A lack of energy diminishes the duration of our workout, and our overall strength and speed.


Protein Synthesis – Alcohol disrupts protein from being absorbed by your body. Less protein equals less muscle growth.


Focus– Individuals at Boca House, sober living home for men in Boca Raton, report that drinking can make their brain feel a little foggy. This is because alcohol intake slows glycogen metabolism, which gives the brain energy.


Hydration – Water that should be helping to hydrate your body before, during and after a workout is being used instead to help your kidneys metabolize alcohol. Hydration is crucial to workout success.


Recovery – The setback in the body’s ability to absorb protein wrecks the potential of the muscle growth in the recovery process.


While in recovery, it is important to work on your physical health. Working out releases natural endorphins, making your body feel great during the recovery process. In order to feel your best, stay on the path to recovery and abstain from any alcohol use. If you or a loved on could use help from a sober living home for men in Boca Raton, please contact Boca House, sober living home for men, today.

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