What You Can Do if You Are Afraid of Admitting Your Addiction

It’s understandably scary to admit that you have an addiction. The truth of the matter is that by hiding the fact, you are damaging yourself and others more than anything else. You may feel that people will judge you, that you will lose the relationships that you have, or that you won’t be able to quit. The good news is that there is help, and you don’t need to feel hopeless. The following are three things that you can do if you are afraid to admit to your friends and family that you have an addiction:

1-      Participate in a confidential life chat. Find a live chat online that is directly related to a detox or rehab center. Being sure they are connected will ensure that you are speaking to someone qualified to really help you. Feel free to share your deepest concerns so that they can send you the help you need.

2-      Call an anonymous addiction helpline. Anonymous addiction help-lines are great because nobody will ever know the difference. You can speak to someone, hear their voice, and know that they have real resources to get you help to overcome the addiction.

3-      Trust at least one person. Hopefully there is at least one person in your life that you can trust. Whether that is an old friend, a neighbor, a family member, or even someone you just met, confide in them. They can then help you to face others and contact a rehab center for the extensive help that you will need to become clean.

Recovering from addiction is a process that is absolutely possible, but there needs to be a first step. Do what makes you feel comfortable, but just make sure you do something.

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