Addiction Memoirs You Must Read This Summer

If you are looking for some captivating summer reads that can teach you more about your personal struggle and how others relate to it, there are plenty of addiction memoirs to satisfy your curiosity. So many people endure the struggle of drug addiction, and they too get help at facilities like Boca House.

These addiction memoirs will allow you to truly understand the recovery process, as well as help keep you on the right path; make sure to add these recommendations from Boca House to your summer reading list.

• Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction-  This heart-wrenching tale illustrates the struggle of a family member’s addiction. The story begins with a loveable boy who is an honor student, varsity athlete, and a responsible brother, and it takes readers through his downward spiral because of a crystal meth addiction. This is one of the addiction memoirs that gives you a unique perspective about the impact it had on the family, particularly the father.
• Go Ask Alice- This story begins with a teenage girl, Alice, who attended a high school party. She participated in a drinking game, and her drink was laced with LSD. From this point on, she became hooked on the substance, and her life took a turn for the worse. This striking story is told anonymously, and it will surely make you feel connected to Alice, as well as reinvigorate you to continue your recovery journey here at Boca House.
• The Functioning-Almost Alcoholic- This story recounts the ups and downs experienced by a woman named Claudia Steiner, and how she copes with her life challenges by consuming alcohol. Come along for the journey and find out where the band aid effect leaves off and the real work begins.

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