8 Reasons Why Waking Up Sober is Better

Everyone’s been there. Waking up after a long night out can be one of the worst ways to try to start your day. You declare “I’m never drinking again”, not sure if you really mean it. Boca House, a sober living facility for men in South Florida would like to remind you of all the great reasons why waking up sober is better.

  1. You will feel remarkably refreshed. Your body will be invigorated with natural energy rather than trying to cure you of the damage you did the night before.
  2. When waking up sober, you won’t have the typical hangover headache, foggy head, nausea, or loss of memory.
  3. You will know exactly how much money is left over in your bank account. No more cringing while you hesitate to check your bank account and total up what you carelessly spent the night before.
  4. You will know exactly what you did the night before. Waking up sober eliminates the uneasiness about what might have happened or with who.
  5. You won’t wake up with a stranger in your bed. No more decisions you instantly regret.
  6. You won’t waste half a day trying to sleep off your hangover.
  7. Those dark circles under your eyes are gone! Your skin will look better. Drinking alcohol dehydrates and damages your skin.
  8. Waking up sober leaves you with plenty of serotonin! Alcohol consumption causes a burst in serotonin, which temporarily increases euphoric feelings in your brain. However, in the following hours your serotonin levels are way lower than they originally were, causing a depressed unhappy mood.


At Boca House, sober living for Men, we focus on the positive aspects of waking up sober. It’s simple, the rewards outweigh the sacrifices, and you will look and feel great!

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