4 Reasons to Date Sober People

Sure, you might have used to view sober people as more of an enigma instead of attractive – we are sure that your opinion has more than likely changed since making the decision to start a life of sobriety.

Here are four reasons to date sober people:

  1. Sure of Themselves. One advantage that sober people have over most people, is the fact that they actually know who they are and are not afraid to be themselves. Sobriety has a way of forcing someone to truly figure out who they are, what they want, and the ability to stay true to these qualities.
  2. Financial Security. Someone who has given up substance abuse for a life of recovery, more likely than not has their finances together. Due to the lack of spending excessive amounts of money on drugs and alcohol, as well as the stability to manage their finances in a responsible way, sober people are likely to be more financially secure than their non-sober counterparts.
  3. Emphasis on Health. Chances are, whatever substance they were using took a harsh toll on the body they had before they were sober. Because of that, those in recovery are more likely to take greater pride in their outward appearance, as well as pay more attention to their overall health.
  4. Always Aware. You never have to worry about dealing with someone who is in a drunken stupor or under the influence and saying things that they do not mean. Sober people take pride in being aware of their actions and intentions, as well as the importance of being genuine and meaning what they say.

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