3 Tips for Reducing Post-Sobriety Cravings

Making the commitment to become sober is a difficult one that can come with emotional, physical, and psychological discomfort. Cravings for addictive substances can crop up days after stopping intake and even further down the road. As you pledge to stay sober, finding ways to manage and ignore cravings is critical to your ability not to give in. The following three tips may help you to manage your post-sobriety cravings.

1. Substitute Cravings

After a long reliance upon addictive substances, the sudden absence of the substance can leave you with cravings that may at times feel beyond withstanding. Instead of giving-in, try substituting the negative craving for something positive. Go for a walk or a run, turn on music, read something, and do anything you can to take your mind off of your current urge. Remember that cravings won’t last forever and you will eventually overcome them if you keep strong.

2. Leave Temptations Behind

If you find yourself in a situation where your previous addiction is readily available, do what you can to leave the situation. Do not tempt yourself by putting yourself in a toxic environment with friends or influences who might lead you to give in to your old bad habits.

3. Find a Positive Environment

If you find yourself struggling to stay sober after you have made the commitment to do so, place yourself in an environment where you can succeed. A half-way house or similar environment may be the positive surrounding you need to keep yourself from giving-in to old cravings.

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