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A Typical Day in a Sober Living Facility for Men

Sometimes, drug or alcohol addicts may be skeptical about joining a sober living facility for men, such as Boca House for Men. A common concern is that it will be too strict or that there won’t be anything for the resident to do, which could result in them feeling bored or stuck in the wrong program. These are perfectly valid concerns that Boca House’s sober living facility for men would like to address. While each and every day will be different no matter where you live, there are some general things that men in recovery can expect on a day-to-day basis.

Residents will typically wake up at an early, but reasonable hour, such as 7 or 8 a.m., and are required to keep their beds made and rooms in a tidy fashion.

In some facilities, residents cook their own food while others have a kitchen staff. Oftentimes, the men will eat their first meal of the day together.

There are typically allotted times between meals and daily tasks for men in sober living facilities to meditate, relax and reflect; to think about their recovery process and how far they have come in their self-discovery.

Residents will then prepare for work or for classes. Some facilities provide transportation to and from school and work to make it easier.  After a successful recovery, most residents are expected to start working at a job to pay for their stay and treatment.

After work and school is over, residents will complete their daily house tasks.  Residents take care of the sober living facility in Boca Raton the same they would of their own home.

There will be an evening meal in which residents can relax, discuss their day, resolve any issues regarding house tasks or rules, or celebrate another successful day of sobriety.

After dinner, a recovery program is held for the residents to participate in. The recovery program will depend on what stage you are in during your recovery process. Beginning stages include 12-step programs and later stages include relapse prevention programs.

Every facility has different rules, but most typical rules include:

Paying rent. Staying in a sober living facility is not free. Residents must provide rent money to continue their stay and recovery in a safe environment.

No romantic relationships with the staff or other members inside the facility.

Keep up with your household duties. Just like living with a roommate, you must pull your weight in the house, or this could lead to bad feelings amongst those trying to focus on recovery.

Residents must keep in mind and be sensitive to the fact that they will be living with other people going through their own personal recovery process.

At Boca House for Men, the further along you are in the stages of the recovery process, the more flexibility will be granted in your schedule.

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