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Finding (and Keeping) a Job during Recovery

One of the most rewarding experiences of staying at a sober living house is the ability to finally move forward and create a healthy life for yourself. Once you have already been in the throes of a substance abuse addiction, chances are that you have a new appreciation for things as simple as stability and normalcy.

For most former addicts, they will be the first ones to attest to the fact that maintaining any kid of stability while they were battling a drug abuse problem was impossible. After all, when your main concern is where your next high is going to come from, things as trivial as keeping a job and owning a car are at the bottom of the priority list.

Luckily, that can change now that you have successfully completed your stay at a Boca Raton drug rehab and find yourself taking back control of your life at a Florida sober house. One of the most exciting things about that is the chance to start over in life and do all of the things that your child-self dreamed of doing – namely, finding a job.

Just because you are not going to start off as the CEO of a company and bring in millions of dollars right away does not mean that that should discourage you from putting yourself out there when it comes to job hunting. After all, even Bill Gates had to start somewhere!

The most important factors to finding (and keeping) a job in recovery at a sober living house have nothing to do with the superficial aspects of it. Instead, the main thing to focus on is being a contributing member of society, staying modest, and making responsibility one of your top priorities.

More often than not, former addicts were not huge contributors to society when they were at the peak of their substance abuse problem. Since the main priority was scoring the next high, something as simple as getting up in the morning, getting dressed and showing up on time is a huge way for them to give back.

Remembering to stay modest while finding a job during your stay at a sober living house will prove invaluable to the recovery process in the long run. Even though you may be initially working a minimum wage job, the important thing to remember is that it is only temporary. The opportunity to move up will come from proving you are responsible – which is also why making responsibility one of your top priorities is so important.

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