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What Are Drug Cravings?

As most people who have gone to a Florida sober house know, there are two sides to drug addiction. One side is the physical dependency that comes along with addiction, the other is the psychological dependency.

Once you have left your Florida sober house, the first few months on your own may seem like the most intimidating. While they are the most critical in terms of the obstacles that will be thrown your way, it does get easier along the way. One of the reasons why you can count on it getting easier is because Boca House has your back throughout your entire recovery journey.

One of the main triggers for a relapse are the cravings for drugs that addicts experience as a result of the stress in their environment; however, in order to prepare to fight the onslaught of cravings once you get out of your Florida sober house, check out guide from Boca House that explains exactly what drug cravings are.

What is a drug craving? Defined as an intense desire or hunger for drugs and alcohol, drug cravings are a very real part of the recovery process post life at a Florida sober house. After all, trying to break an addiction will inevitably bring on drug cravings, and the key is knowing how to handle them as they happen.

Why do drug cravings occur? The main reason why drug cravings occur are because when someone habitually abuses drugs, their brain chemistry ends up changing, and as a result the brain’s reward system continues to crave the missing dopamine that the drug provided. A neurotransmitter that produces feelings of pleasure and euphoria when released into the brain, dopamine will continue to drive the addict to want to engage in these harmful behaviors. As a result, your Florida sober house will provide many ways to help you cope with drug cravings throughout the early stages of your recovery.

What are ways to minimize drug cravings? It does not matter if you are one month or one year into your recovery, drug cravings can strike at any time. In order to minimize drug cravings, there are simple tried and true steps you can take in order to regain control over your sobriety. One of the best ways to handle the drug cravings that come your way is to channel your anxiety towards healthy habits. Whether it be towards art, writing, sports, or music, immersing yourself in a healthy habit is one of the best ways to help battle your drug cravings.

If you or a loved one are in still in need of help on how to handle drug cravings in a healthy way, then call Boca House today – we would love to help!

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