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How to Become a Successful Sponsor

Boca House knows the importance of having a strong support system throughout your recovery. The concept of an addiction sponsor was founded among the success of one former alcoholic helping another former alcoholic. Time and time again, it has been found that a former addict helping a current recovering addict is one of the keys to success during the recovery phase. An addiction sponsor is somebody who influences somebody else to achieve and maintain sobriety. They are a mentor, a friend, a counselor, an advisor, and a positive example.

In addition to the emotional connection between an addiction sponsor and the person they mentor, studies have shown that those who become sponsors are less likely to relapse, as they feel the responsibility of somebody dependent on them.

How do you become an addiction sponsor?
Boca House for Men recommends that you do not become a sponsor while you are still battling addiction yourself. Once a person is confident in their own abilities to stay sober, they are eligible to help someone else. Typically, a person can become an addiction sponsor simply if somebody asks them to be.

What are the responsibilities of an addiction sponsor?

When you decide to become an addiction sponsor, you agree to be available to the recovering addict, day and night. An addiction sponsor understands the despair of addiction and knows how difficult it can be to break an addiction, which is why they serve as the greatest friend to help an addict during hard times. An addiction sponsor should be able to understand what a newcomer to treatment is going through, and offer as much help and support as possible. An addiction sponsor is patient, understanding, reliable, but tough when necessary.

A successful addiction sponsor should:

-Answer any questions the recovering addict may have.

-Keep an open communication line with the addict, possibly -requiring contact or phone calls periodically.

-Ensure their addict is attending all necessary meetings.

-Help the recovering addict to keep their mind open to new opportunities during recovery.

-Introduce the newcomer to people who can support and positively influence their life.

What should you avoid as an addiction sponsor?

The most obvious practice to avoid while mentoring someone is abusing drugs yourself, as you should not be in the position to help others if you cannot help yourself. It is typically more helpful if the sponsor and addict are of the same gender. Sponsors are not allowed to unburden their own issues on the person they should be helping; avoid making it a two-way street. A successful addiction sponsor should avoid making excuses for their addict, never enabling their addiction, never forcing their own beliefs, never acting in a capacity in which they are unqualified, and never lend money to the addict.

Each relationship between an addiction sponsor and a recovering addict will differ. Sponsorship is extremely rewarding, as you find yourself becoming a strong support system for somebody who’s struggle you can genuinely relate to.

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