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5 Principles to a Successful Recovery

Sobriety takes you on a spiritual journey. It allows you to tap into your consciousness and unresolved issues, and helps you to better understand yourself overall. At Boca House, a sober living facility for men, we practice spiritual principles that can assist you during your addiction recovery.

You are only human. Set realistic goals for yourself. Be okay with the time that recovery takes, and remind yourself that you are only human. Take your recovery day by day, and know that some days will be better than others. You are not expected to go through your recovery without any doubt or stress.

Personal responsibility is the key to freedom. An addiction takes ahold of your life, but once you take personal responsibility for your actions, your life will change for the better. Providing yourself with proper treatment at our sober living facility for men is the very first step to your freedom. Understanding that you are in total control of your addiction and your life will help you to stay on the right track.

Unresolved issues disturb your peace. At Boca House’s sober living facility for men, we believe that anything unresolved can disturb your inner peace. It is your responsibility to work toward resolving anything that can hinder or cast doubt on your personal recovery process, and to forgive yourself and others. Our one-on-one and group therapy sessions aim to help you explore any unresolved issues in your life, whether they are relationships with others or your relationship with yourself. We teach you how to effectively acknowledge and overcome these issues.

Judgment is self-condemnation. Once the substances are removed from the equation, you might be surprised to see how harsh you were treating yourself before. Self-reflection can reveal just how much we tend to judge ourselves, which can pose as a mental block in an addiction recovery.

All of life is for learning. Having survived an addiction is a major accomplishment. Be proud that you have given yourself the proper addiction treatment, accept it as a learning experience, and know that your entire life will consist of learning experiences.

Recovery can be challenging. It takes patience and long term effort. Reminding yourself of these spiritual principles will help you keep a positive attitude and remain strong in your sobriety at Boca House.

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